Best dating sim for ps3

04-Apr-2018 06:07

While fights to defend Dolphan initially start off with a very rock-scissors-paper styled battalion fight, the main meat of all your fights are one-on-one duels.The better your stats, the better you fight and if you've been diligant, you'd even have a special move.Effects like slashes and special moves are also rather crude and simple looking, but since the fights aren't the main focus of the game, they are easily overlooked.Sound 9/10The sound however is more consistent than the graphics.Replayability 8/10Surprisingly this game has quite a few extras as well.Aside from being able to win with other girls and completing their picture galleries, they're also mini games to unlock.Many a times, I ended up really feeling for the girls I'd won with, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I can really love them too if they were real.

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And on weekends, you can go on a date with any girl you already know or choose to visit the church (Mitsumete Knight's equivalent to Tokimeki's Yoshio) to check on how much progress you're making with the girls.Instead, they are more like RPGs with more focus on the romantic side of things.Funny how Mitsumete Knight is a dating sim with RPG elements, essentially being a sort of roundabout thing.From simple games like 'Blackjack' to even a full fledged puzzle game (aptly called Puzzle de Knight), to even a secret shop you can unlock to help give you an advantage the next time you play, Mitsumete Knight has alot of substance.

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Overall 9/10Mitsumete Knight is truly a gem that had never really been discovered.There isn't really much in the way of animation besides moving lips, but the art is so nice that there isn't really a need for much animation as it was the norm anyhow.

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