Avan dating zoey

28-Jun-2018 06:28

but that doesn’t mean the Nickelodeon actor is going to leave fans hanging this V-Day.The 25-year-old actor recently posted a series of pictures on Instagram that are leaving Fans are still freaking the eff out over the ‘gram.

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He is best recognized for his spectacular performance as Ben Stark in the television series ‘Caprica’.

He recently made an appearance on Cleopatra's Instagram story and captioned the shot, "Gorgeous." To be honest, we can't blame her. Not only this but they were also caught posing together on a friend's Snapchat.

I mean, really, they can't look any more fashion forward and we're kind of all in for this relationship.

Putting some lights toward his personal life, the renowned actor has not got married to anyone yet.

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In the year 2010, there came a rumor of being in a relationship with the young sensational singer, Miley Cyrus.

Of course, the pair didn't talk about their relationship or what is exactly going on. So obviously everyone inferred what was happening behind the scenes.