Athena dating mixed racial dating

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Apollo had been responsible for the music and Demeter had brought food. But Aphrodite had already pushed him through the door.

The party was already in full swing when a slow dance came by. What Poseidon saw there amazed him: Athena was on her knees crying. Poseidon came up to her and looked around suspiciously.

Deep in her heart she wanted to be with him for eternity, but he was married. "It would interfere with my code of never being in a relationship.""You could ask Zeus to make you a normal goddess." he told her gently.

"I know this would be a big sacrifice for you to make.

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" Poseidon asked with sarcasm thick in his voice."Exactly! " Aphrodite swooned over them."Not in a hundred millenia would I dance with ! But she would give up that position immediately if he went out her. She had started becoming a pain in the seashell, and he secretly thought that Athena looked much hotter. He had a wife who would kill him if he divorced with her, and secondly, Athena was a maiden goddess. She had even said her self that she'd never go out with him. She hurriedly got to her knees and started down the hallway when she heard Poseidon's voice "Athena.." he called."What? I love you too, but I'm married." Poseidon told her with sorrow very clear in his voice. When they finally broke apart they didn't notice Aphrodite who had looked in through the door.It’s no secret that a lot of men are attracted to female bodybuilders, and who can blame them?

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Where he’ll take you: Somewhere like Reds Wine Tavern or Brassaii where drinks are at least and secretly you’ll be expecting him to pay for all of it. His Tinder profile will contain tons of cool pictures of his travels that will make your life look boring in comparison and his bio will probably say “looking for someone to give me a tour.” A tour of your bedroom is probably what he is getting at–boys will be boys no matter what accent they may have.… continue reading »

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Cyber experts also warn that many criminals may use sex as bait for stealing vital personal data from one's computer or phone.… continue reading »

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