Aspie dating for adults with asperger syndrome

17-Feb-2018 15:22

She can taste odors and if in a restaurant, she can taste individual spices and recreate the dish at home.She has to use red or brown tinted sunglasses outside so she can see, and she has to use ear plugs almost all day to minimize the chaos of all the information her brain processes.And then try to have to reassure your wife that she shouldn’t feel guilty about needing some peace and quiet when she has three boys. Something to take away from this may be a bit obvious but I think it needs to be reinforced. If you married her, whether or not you knew at the time what you were getting into, remember, that she is worth fighting for!If you are in a relationship, one thing I’ve learned is that Aspie women are fiercely loyal. And she, more than any other woman you probably know, is worth the fight. Let her know in no uncertain terms what you are feeling and why.She remembers everything she hears and most of what she reads.(Try winning an argument with someone who NEVER forgets one word you have ever said).There is NO way to tell an Autistic person by simply looking at them.

You might say, well aren’t you taking this a little too literally? Aspies almost always say what they mean and mean what they say. I would first like to say that when considering Asperger’s Syndrome, you must realize that it is a form of Autism.

Then help her to find a situation that you know she’s been in which made her feel similar to what you are feeling.

This will help her understand and relate to your feelings better.

But if you have any preconceived notions of what an Autistic person should look or act like, go ahead and toss those out right now.

I can tell you after fifteen years of marriage to an Aspie, they’re all completely wrong.

While some of these things can be great (re-creating meals I like from restaurants), they can still make living day to day a real struggle and challenge.