Are calleigh and eric still dating on csi miami

25-Jun-2017 02:52

Spoilers: All episodes up to and including season four's Nailed. But I reserve the right to tell you to leave at anytime.""Deal." I can't keep the grin off my face at finally being allowed behind the walls of Ryan's life; to finally being allowed to see the real him."If I find out that you're telling anyone about my personal life…" He doesn't finish that sentence, doesn't need to. After that game is another one that I haven't seen, so I settle back to watch; cheering as quietly as I can so as to not disturb Ryan. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are in the medicine cabinet." Guess that means he doesn't like to share his products and toothpaste."I'll give you an overview of the living room after we eat." He continues on through to the kitchen, twitching a pillow on one of the arm chairs back into place as he passes. " I ask, emptying my bag onto the table opposite where he's sitting. "Good enough.""Why're you eating it if it's not tasty? "Yeah, okay." Stepping into the tub he kneels down facing the faucet and places the towel over his face before leaning down so that his head is almost under the faucet."How do you like it? Sliding off the toilet, I kneel next to the tub and run my fingers through his hair, making sure it all gets wet. " Panic is building in my gut but I refuse to let him see it."Because you just about scrubbed me bald, then fled the bathroom like it was on fire. You just about brow beat me into letting you help then act like you'll catch something just by washing my hair. "Knowing that he's just stubborn enough to insist I tell him, I give him a partial truth. Ryan glances over during a commercial break and snorts when he sees me gripping the pillow in my lap. Your virtue is safe with me.""I didn't - don't - think that.""Sure." It's obvious he doesn't believe me."Really, Ryan. I've been letting my guard down some and may have let some things slip that would peg me as not exactly straight."I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole 'men who think they're women' thing. And the women who think they're men.""The MTFs, that's male-to-female, is just like sex with a guy who identifies as male, unless they've had surgery. His words have the same effect on me as a bucket of cold water. But the making out like teenagers is nice.""Says the guy whose hard on just deflated like a popped balloon." He sits up, tugging his shirt back into place and finger combing his hair."I'm sorry, Ryan." Following suit, I sit up while tugging my shirt back down. Being attracted to a guy is new to me."He eyes me from the corner of his eye. Just so long as I don't hear anything about this in the locker room at work. And I know you're Catholic and that Catholics don't have a reputation for the whole 'live and let live' philosophy.""Ryan." I shift closer on the couch. They're in the hamper in my room."I don't know what I expected Ryan's room to look like but I'm fairly sure the dark masculine bed frame with matching end tables and dresser are not it.

Beta: Eric's POV: The drive from the hospital to Ryan's apartment is made in silence. Because that would go against everything I was raised to believe. You think I lied when I said I forgave you.""What!? " My head snaps up in time to see that damn eyebrow climb his forehead again. But I feel like deep down you haven't."The corners of his mouth dip in a not-quite frown and he nods thoughtfully. Doesn't mean I want you here disrupting my routine.""Seriously, Ryan." I raise my hand again. Your word is law."He stares at me for a moment, a thoughtful frown on his face. It hurts that he thinks I'd do anything like that."What happens behind these four walls, stays behind these four walls," I hasten to reassure him."Okay. When that game finishes, I realize I'm hungry and that Ryan's been sleeping for nearly four hours. I can eat." Chewing his lip nervously, he leads the way back up the hall."As you can see, this is the bathroom." He waves one hand at the open door as we pass. "Everything is set up so that it's right where it needs to be when you need it. ""I needed something quick and easy after working thirteen days straight." I wince at the censor in his tone."I knew you hadn't forgiven me. His hair is softer than I thought it would be and it's making certain parts of my anatomy stand up and take notice. Everything in there is fine." He gives me a shrewd look and I just know he can tell that I got aroused just from washing his hair. If you can't stand to touch me long enough to wash my hair then you can just go." He extends one hand toward the door."It's not that. I don't think you're going to do anything." He shrugs and returns his attention to the game playing on the TV. Mostly because I love my dick, love having one, really love being a guy and fucking women. As for the FTMs, they tend to ask for anal instead of vaginal.""Does it get confusing? ""Who the guy is when you're with people who 'identify'-" I use air quotes. "I can see his anger at my ignorance warring with his desire to 'educate' me. He's the only one who can say what's right and wrong in this instance."He nods sharply once. "I'm not about to blab to our co-workers that we made out or that I'm attracted to you. While the rest of the apartment, even the kitchen, is done in shades of cream giving it a light airy feel, his room is done in black and dark green.

"I think it's easy with a procedural to think people don't have that much arc to their character, but I'm hoping that [the audience will see] that we do." The flashback also provides the introduction of new cast member Eddie Cibrian. "It turns out they met on Calleigh's first day at the Miami Dade Police Department," Procter says. So they have this old, established friendship at this point, and I think their characters are very easy with one another.

We're now left wondering if Rodriguez is leaving the show over poor contract negotiations.

Although TV Guide was the first to break the story on Wednesday about his departure, Rodriguez’s chatty costar Emily Procter (who plays love interest Calleigh Duquesne on the show) hinted that Rodriguez might be leaving Miami on Monday during a televised interview with E News! Asked about the couple’s (Eric and Calleigh’s) future, Procter held back laughter as she said: “I think my romance is in jeopardy.

As soon as I read it I just knew I needed to do a tag to the CSI: Miami episode Nailed and make it first time Eric/Ryan. And now I'm staying with you.""Mmhm," he hums and I can tell he doesn't believe me. But after I ran into her at the hospital and Calleigh confronted me about it, I figured I had best start staying at my place again. Finally I come across a game on the classic sports channel I've seen before but that doesn't lessen my enjoyment any. Whatever you're in the mood for is fine."He clenches his jaw and I can hear him grinding his teeth. " He doesn't stomp his foot, but it's a very near thing. It's my job as host to provide you with food.""Look, Ryan, it's not a big deal. You just fix your dinner and I'll go get something for myself."He glares at me for several seconds. I turn at the door after putting my shoes back on, to find him standing in the door to the kitchen, wringing his hands. The trip to the burger joint down the road and back is accomplished in less time than if I had ordered out. And find Ryan sitting on the side of the tub wearing a pair of blue flowered board shorts."Any suggestions on how we do this? I can see the nervous energy that he's just barely keeping in check when he stands up."How about you kneel in the tub and hold this towel over your face while I pour water over your head? "You can sit up for this part, ya know.""I'm good, thanks.""Whatever," I mutter and roll my eyes. Horrified that I'm getting aroused by Ryan Wolfe, I grab the nearest throw pillow and clutch it in my lap, knowing I'm most likely not fooling him. Someone moans and our hands roam everywhere: through hair, down cloth covered backs to fumble under shirt hems to the bare skin underneath.

Summary: When Ryan takes a nail in the eye from a nail gun, Eric realizes he actually has feelings for the younger man. I'll just go get it." Before he can say anything, I turn and jog down the stairs and over to my car where I grab my bag from the backseat."A little sure of yourself, aren't ya? And then Ryan got shot in the eye by a nail gun and suddenly going home didn't seem like a good idea. What does, however, is that it's nearly over but I watch it anyway. "I'm in the mood for what I had planned to eat."He looks on the verge of a panic attack so I make a decision. "My mother-" He begins and another piece of the puzzle that is Ryan Wolfe falls into place."Won't ever know.""She will.""Yeah? 'Cause I ain't." I turn and head across the living room to the front door. "At least let me pay for it." He pulls a smallish wad of cash out of his front pocket."Absolutely not. When I get back, I find Ryan sitting at the table in the back corner of the kitchen eating something I can't identify."That any good? Mari's health will always be important to me."Whatever," he mutters, taking his dish to the sink where he washes it with practiced ease and puts it, along with his fork, back where it belongs. Or you can stick your head under the faucet."He nods. When the water is the temperature he wants, he shuffles forward enough to stick his head under the faucet. But I can't leave, not when he needs my help."Then what is it? She has cancer and isn't handling the chemo so well. Washing yours reminded me that she's not going to have hair for much longer.""I'm sorry. But it makes me feel better; gives me a bit more room and acts sort of like a shield. Ryan trails nipping little kisses along my jaw to my ear and I find myself flat on my back on the couch; an unfamiliar hardness pressed against my thigh."Maybe we should take this to the bedroom," he whispers in my ear, his warm breath causing a shiver to skate down my spine. What happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors has always been my motto."He snorts. You've already admitted to being raised to hate people like me.

21 at 10 p.m.) for only a “limited engagement, after which he will exit the show.” We also found out that “Rodriguez may possibly return for a multiple episode arc, but in a worst-case scenario he will only shoot the season premiere.” The shocking news of the handsome Rodriguez’s departure will inevitably upset millions of Miami lovers.

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