Applying christ dating love passion power relationship

17-Mar-2018 22:47

These are the paths that the ancients trod before us.Noah knew the secret of walking with God (Genesis 6:9), as did Abraham (Genesis ).As we walk with him, he will open the Scriptures to us through the Spirit of wisdom and revelation and reveal to us the light of the glory of God that is to be found in him.When we walk with God, we enter the dimension where God unfolds the secrets of his kingdom.Perhaps Enoch's heart longed so deeply for more of God that God grew weary of withholding himself.Maybe God's heart was saying, "Enoch, you love me with such a pure and sweet passion, I don't want to say 'no' to you anymore.

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The secret place is not the destination; it is only the catalyst.Marriage is the most intimate of human relationships in which husbands and wives learn to model Christ’s love.