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16-Mar-2018 06:28

Right after the dissolution of the Soviet Union some women wanted to create families with representatives of other countries just to escape difficulties or to improve their life quality. Is it worth paying attention to, if two people really love each other? It appeared that almost all ladies being in an active search are ready to consider an option of a foreign partner.

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Currently there are 100 women for 97 men in Russia.Failed to meet a good partner or become happy with someone from Russia...Why not pay you attention to potential grooms from the USA, Germany, Italy, England, France, etc.?When thinking about the character and appearance of a potential groom about 50% of the respondents said that they saw no differences on these parameters between foreigners and their countrymen.

Generally, the research showed that material wealth, life quality, and appearance of foreign men are not choice-determining factors for Russian women.

When people get older, their life circumstances change and often they find themselves alone while those around them - their family and friends - are busy with their everyday lives.