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Liam and Cheryl, who secretly started dating in December 2015, went official with their romance in February 2016.

At first their age-gap raised eyebrows, but Cheryl and Liam have gone on to defy their naysayers.

singer celebrated with a decadent 1920s-themed bash in the chic city of Cannes, where famous friends including Bono, Kate Moss and David Blaine were in attendance.

Madonna and Timor met when the pair began collaborating on a dance project last year.

The study claims that a lack of shared goals is the reason that these relationships break down, but I would argue that’s the case in any relationship.

If one of you wants to jack in your career and go travelling while the other is wedded to their job and flat, that’s going to be an issue. For someone like me, who was born 35 years old, the idea of going to a house party and staying up until 5AM is not a fun one. My weekends are make up of dinner parties, Sunday lunches, Farmer’s markets and up-cycling furniture.

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Denise Knowles, councillor for Relate told uk: ‘Having a disapproving family can put the couple in a difficult position. The same age gap at Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, as I’m fond of telling people (sadly I fear that may be where the similarities between myself and Blake end). And for those of us who aren’t the same age as our partners, it doesn’t look good. A newly released Australian study, which started in 2001, observed 19,914 Australian households over the course of 13 years and then analysed the data. And to be totally honest, it’s pretty bloody depressing.

It’s only when yet another bit of research comes out, telling us that we’re doomed to fail, that I remember how much younger I am.

"I don't notice it," Timor told Timor Steffens and Madonna have been together since January "Mum is a big inspiration," he said.