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Designating and maintaining your contact information is key to getting maximum value and benefit from Passport Advantage.

Use the links below to learn more Designating your Site's Passport Advantage Contacts Managing Passport Advantage Online Access PAO access instructions for Primary Contact & Secondary Contacts Managing access for existing PAO users Setting PAO access privileges Processing Self-nomination requests Adding additional users Self-Nomination for Additional Customer Sites Locating your Primary Contact Updating your Site's Passport Advantage Contacts When you enroll in Passport Advantage or make a purchase under Passport Advantage Express and register your information, you give us the name of a Primary Contact.

The Primary Contact can grant access by using the Manage access feature to add the contact’s IBM ID and e-mail or to approve any self-nomination requests that have been submitted.

If you have questions concerning updating your Site’s contacts and ensuring they can access PA Online, please contact e Customer Care.

Analysis and simulation indicate that advantage updating is applicable to reinforcement learning systems working in continuous time (or discrete time with small time steps) for which Q-learning is not applicable.

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That will give you an idea if it is worth doing or not.

Use the links below to learn more about the key Passport Advantage Online contacts Primary Contact Administration Contact Site Technical Contact The Primary Contact is your Site's designated contact for all IBM communications regarding changes to the Agreement or other contractual issues. If the Primary Contact is the only contact specified, IBM will consider the Primary Contact to be the sole contact for all purposes and will deliver communications for all 3 contact types (Primary/Administrative/Technical) to your designated Primary Contact.

Once IBM has processed your enrollment form, your Primary Contact will receive a Welcome Letter that provides important information and explains how to access Passport Advantage Online.

I read how important it is to update the BIOS on a motherboard.

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Can you guys please educate me on the advantages of updating the BIOS?

..I have to flash the previous BIOS first or install it on top of the existing one?