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You see, he recently moved halfway across the country with his 6 year old brother to come live with his father, (my fiancé) and I.

Their mother (who has a list of her own issues) was jobless, broke and about to be evicted, came to her senses and changed the custody agreement.

Wakes up wet even after restricting fluids after 6 pm and a final bathroom break before bed. Of course, as I type that I realize we’re spending plenty of money on The Goodnite Pull-ups anyway. It breaks my heart that this kid has to wear a diaper to bed.

I understand trauma and stress exacerbate the issue. He also feels bad that his LITTLE brother had no problem accruing stars and rewards. I can see the shame in his eyes, despite telling him it’s no big deal, we’ll work on it.

(Five or six, I’d say.) There’s a nice number of brands that come in larger sizes for big kids: Dri-Nights, Mother-Ease, Nicky Bedwetter Pants, etc.

Of course, if you look at the upfront cost of a weeks’ worth of pants, the price on the wetting alarm will probably start looking much more reasonable, so you will have to figure out how much money you can afford to throw at the problem.

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Formerly, both children were in Pull-ups every night at their mothers. After coming to our house, we implemented a reward chart for being dry, I bought some books, namely “Getting to Dry” and did a bazillion google searches.So I’m with you on this one: Yes, it’s actually a normal, totally-not-his-fault thing, especially given the family history, but far from a lost cause, let’s-just-wait-and-do-nothing-but-diapers-every-night situation.He may very well continue to have wetting problems until adolescence, which is why my brain can’t quite shake the idea that he’ll appreciate wearing something as close to actual underwear as possible in the meantime.I’m sure the comment section will be able to offer better insight on whether the wetting alarm is worth the money, since I know nothing about such things. ) Like you pointed out, those overnight pull-ups are a huge expense and waste in and of themselves, so I guess I personally would be tempted to think, what the hell, worth a try, and shell out the money.

(I assume you’ve tried setting a regular alarm for about an hour after he falls asleep?To wake him up for yet one more final-final bathroom trip before he’s really down for the night?