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The first connections of South Carolina with the Bahá'í Faith occur in the presence of the first Bahá'i to join the religion in the West with his service in the American Civil War in South Carolina 30 years before he would join the religion, followed by re-publication of the first paper to mention events related to the history of the Bahá'í Faith. He then sought out a second opportunity to serve and in 1865 was promoted to captain and commanded Company D of the 104th United States Colored Infantry.After seeking out training to be an officer black infantry units, which fought two battles south of Charleston, S. The first mention related to the history of the religion known in South Carolina was in a newspaper article.In the meantime, unbeknownst to Gregory, a year later Twine was committed to a mental institution by his mother and family priest, Rev. By the winter of 1912-13 she was back in the Augusta-North August-Aiken area.In March 1912 and May 1913 she arranged for a music programs.

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Around and between instances of meetings Gregory spoke at several churches in Columbia and connected with Josiah Morse at the University of South Carolina there who then welcomed Bahá'ís on a number of occasions into the 1930s.

Twine became a practicing lawyer registered with the South Carolina Supreme Court by 1897 and argued cases into 1910.