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13-Apr-2018 01:01

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But that’s only really effective against that specific spammer.There’s nothing to stop the spammer creating another Skype account and starting his or her campaign again.It's just part of the register used to speak to children, like go potty and get a boo boo.You could say she's all grown up, sure, but grown children is more common in every dialect of English since they're definitionally not children any more. "Adult children" has another meaning and context in 12 step and self help lingo."Adult children" comes from "adult children of alcoholics", but now has broader reference to adults who were abused emotionally, physically or sexually in [email protected] yeah, maybe that frequent and conventional use with "surivors" in a clinical setting is what gives "adult children" the wrong flavor for informal or friendly or even (to a degree) positive reference.Skype says it looks for patterns in spammers’ behaviour – but I’d recommend they went one step further and put tighter controls in place regarding the number of Contact Requests that a user can send in a period of time.That would cut many spammers down to size, as would limiting users’ ability to write a custom message when they send a Contact Request to another user.

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We’re likely to see more and more cases where innocent Skype users’ accounts are compromised by hackers and used as a “launching pad” for spam campaigns – whether they be to advertise spammy goods or to spread malicious links.

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