18 dating 15 yr old

07-Aug-2018 16:41

18 dating 15 yr old-64

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meh if your 18 and she is 15 I would say go for it. Originally posted by Joy-Stick meh if your 18 and she is 15 I would say go for it. Well as I mentioned before, sex isn't really an issue.

Her dad disowns you and you guys end up living on the street where you have to give random pervs head for cash to support your family but you dont get enough customers so you all end up slowly starving to death? Many cultures have ingrained customs of variable age dating. If you want to see some of the comments in that thread search high school junior college freshman,, that should bring it up. I changed a lot, and still ended up marrying the guy right after my 18th birthday, even though he was totally unappreciative of those changes (but that's another story altogether...). I ended up wising up and asking for a divorce before we'd even been married a year.I went, but despite getting along rather well with her decided against a second date because the age thing was starting to freak me out.Years later, I sort of regret not going for another date, but it's not eating me up or anything like that.You know better than any of us if she's mature enough to have the kind of relationship you are looking for.

Just because she's young doesn't mean she's not mature (although most young girls are not). I thought the guy was the shit and all my friends were jealous, but looking back on it not that im that age I think it's pretty sad for a guy that old to be dating a little girl.

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